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“Ancestry Day in Oklahoma”

       An event so big it takes two days! Join us November 7 and 8, 2014, as we celebrate the release of the largest collection of Native American records on Ancestry.com! Collections from the American Indian Archives at the Oklahoma History Center and from the National Archives at Fort Worth, Texas, have been digitized for the first time. Come celebrate with us.

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October 4, 2014

“DNA and Your Genealogy:
Breaking Down Walls and Finding Family”

Debbie Parker Wayne

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Debbie Parker Wayne is a full-time board-certified genealogist and genealogical lecturer experienced using DNA analysis, as well as more traditional techniques, for genealogical research. Her DNA research focuses on client projects and on research into her own family project which includes Y-DNA, mtDNA, X-DNA, and autosomal DNA studies. Her traditional research focuses on Texas, the Southwest, and the Southern U.S. She has performed research for genealogical television series such as the Canadian series Ancestors in the Attic, the PBS series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr., and The Learning Channel's Who Do You Think You Are?.

Debbie is a Trustee for the BCG Education Fund and the Texas State Genealogical Society's DNA Project Director. Her publications include a column on using DNA analysis for genealogical research in NGS Magazine, a column on genetic genealogy in the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, award-winning articles in writing competitions held by the Dallas Genealogical Society and the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors. She coordinates and teaches comprehensive, interactive genetic genealogy courses teaching how to interpret and apply DNA test results to genealogical research. See debbiewayne.com for more information.

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Summit View Cemetery Sign October 6, 2014 Monday 6:00 pm OGS General Meeting

"Some Characters Buried at Guthrie's Summit View Cemetery"

Speaker: Nelda Brown, President and Charter Member
 of the
Logan County Genealogical Society

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Research Center News

The card catalogue of the Oklahoma History Research Center is now accessible from home. Go to the Oklahoma Historical Society website  www.okhistory.org  then Click on Research.

The Oklahoma History Research Center is open for researchers until 7:45 pm on the Monday evenings when Oklahoma Genealogical Society meetings occur.


Directions to the Oklahoma History Center locatedat the northeast corner of the state capitol complex at N.E. 23rd and N. Lincoln Blvd. 

1 - turn north from 23rd Street at the first street east of the capitol 
2 - turn east at the stop light at N.E. 28th and Lincoln then south on Lindsay to the Oklahoma History Center parking lot.

click on Map to enlarge      OkHistoryCtr.JPG (140570 bytes)




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