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Oklahoma Confederate Pension Applications Index
Orig. Published 1969, reprint 1990, 76 pp., softcover book.  Index to applications for pensions from the State of Oklahoma submitted by Confederate soldiers, sailors and their widows.  Each entry includes the name of applicant, application number and the microfilm reel number where the application can be found.

Softcover  $13


Rose Hill Cemetery - Ardmore, OK Confederate Graves
Reissued May 2015 in PDF format on CD-ROM.  Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma: more than 440 Confederate graves identified and recorded on 18 April 1969 by members of OGS.

CD-ROM  $14


Oklahoma Union Soldiers, 1890 Census Index
Orig. Published 1970, 53 pp., Revised and Reissued as text format on CD-ROM.
Section I is an index to the 1890 U.S. Census Special Schedule of Union Veterans and their Widows in Oklahoma and Indian Territories (including old Greer County), and soldiers stationed at military installations in the Territory.
Section II is an index to records from the Oklahoma Union Soldiers Home including Civil War veterans and their dependents, veterans of wars with Spain and Mexico, Army nurses, and certain members of the National Guard of Oklahoma, and the Union Soldiers’ Cemetery.

CD-ROM  $24


Choctaw Nation, IT - 1896 Census Records
Orig. Published 1976, now available in PDF format on CD-ROM.  Records of the Choctaw Nation, reproduced from microfilm.  Includes maps, 1896 Choctaw Nation Census, cemetery, church, marriage and miscellaneous records.  No Index.

CD-ROM  $24


Cherokee Nation, IT - 1880 & 1890 Census, Canadian Dist.
Orig. Published 1978, reprint 2012, 90 pp., softcover book or JPG images on CD-ROM.  Entries for the 1880 Census include name, nativity, age and sex.  The 1890 Census lists name, whether native or adopted, race or prior nationality, age, sex, occupation and marital status.  [specify book $19 or CD $24]

Softcover  $19
CD-ROM  $24

CD or Book?

Marriage Index, First US Court Northern Dist., Muskogee, 1890-1907
Orig. Published 1980, reprint 2012, 77 pp., softcover.  Index to Marriages, First United States Court Northern District, Muskogee, Indian Territory 1890-1907.  Includes index to Marriage Books A, B, B-1, and C for 5 July 1890 to 19 Sept. 1894, with some marriage and divorce abstracts from inventory of Creek and Cherokee National Records 1869-1894.

Softcover  $19


Subject Index - OGS Quarterly, 1955-1990
Orig. Published 1992, 43 pp., softcover.  Subject Index to the Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1955 to 1990.  This index has three sections.  The first is alphabetical by County and lists all articles pertaining to each County.  The second section is family information alphabetical by surname.  The third section is alphabetical by subject categories such as other states or countries, Indian Records, Oklahoma and its People, Information in Other Libraries, Church Records, School Records, Newspapers and Miscellaneous.

Softcover  $9


OGS Quarterly, 1955-1990 with subject index
PDF format on DVD.  Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1955 to 1990: 36 years of quarterlies with subject index.

DVD  $29


Ancestors Index of OGS Members of 1990-1991
Published 1993, 168 pp., softcover.  Index to Ancestors of the 1990 to 1991 Members of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society.  This index is the compilation of ancestor data submitted by members of OGS during the membership year 1990-1991.  It includes the full name of each ancestor, the birth year and place, the death year and place and the marriage year and place.  The spouse of each ancestor, if known, is also given, as well as the name and address of the submitter.

Softcover  $9


Index to Marriage Records, Oklahoma County, 1889-1907
Published 1993, 200 pp., softcover.  Index to Marriage Records, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma Territory, 1889 to 1907.  More than 6,000 marriage applications, listed by both groom and bride, date married, volume and page where recorded.

Softcover  $21


UDC, Oklahoma Division - Index to Applications
Published 1995, 112 pp., softcover.  United Daughters of the Confederacy, Oklahoma Division - Index to Applications for Membership and Transfers.  Entries include name of confederate veteran, name of applicant, microfilm roll numbers and chapter name.  Serves as a guide to the 13 rolls of microfilm, located in the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Library, listing veterans whose family and descendants joined UDC before 1960.

Softcover  $18


Veteran Burials in the State of Oklahoma
Published 1999, 469 pp., softcover in two part set, both are included in price.  Veteran Burials in the State of Oklahoma: A project encompassing many years and many volunteers has resulted in this alphabetical listing of more than 11,700 veterans showing their birth and death dates, war of service, cemetery and county, service information and supplemental information.  [Contact for availability]

Softcover  $43


Lineage Book of the First Families of the Twin Territories
Published 2009, 789 pp., Hardbound.  The Lineage Book of the First Families of the Twin Territories: More than 23,000 individuals in the full name index.  Entries include lineage of the first 3,000 members of FFTT (who granted permission for publication), the ancestor through whom they registered, the event, location, and date before statehood that the ancestor was proven to be in Oklahoma.  Members registered from one to more than twenty ancestors.

More info and pictures click here

Search Index free click here.

Hardbound  $74


Early Oklahoma Land Tract Books Index
Published 2010, fully searchable index in PDF format on CD-ROM.  This every name index to those who filed claims for Oklahoma land lists the full name, date, and legal description, location of land, county, book and page of entry.  Covers Oklahoma Territory, and some Indian Territory land (not Five-Civilized or Osage).  An important source for those seeking to access the Land Patent Files and Homestead Papers of Oklahoma pioneers.

CD-ROM  $24


Oklahoma School Census Location Index Book
Published 2011, 341 pp, hardbound.  Location of available school district census records listed for all 77 counties, with color maps of each county’s current school district locations.  Those records reportedly will show the child’s name, age, birth day and place, tribe (if Indian) and the parent/guardian names.  Note: This index has no names, only location where to find the records!

Hardbound  $56


Oklahoma School Census Location Index CD-ROM
Published 2011, 341 pp, PDF format on CD-ROM.  Contains same information as 19a hardbound book above, except this is on CD-ROM in PDF format, searchable.

CD-ROM  $24

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