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November 25, 2023 By: James Ike
2023 is Coming to an End
As 2023 comes to an end the OGS is getting ready for our 69th Anniversary.  The follow is from the "The History of Oklahoma Genealogical Society" written by Clyde Mitchell Duckwall Jr, Historian.
The Oklahoma Genealogy Society was organized in March, 1955, by the late Schuyler E. Crenley, he served as our First President.  The Society was incorporated August 5, 1955, under the laws of the State of Oklahoma when the Reverend Schuyler E. Crenley, Founder and 32 charter members filed the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of the State.  The Society became an educational organization within the provisions of paragraph 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
The first officers were:  Rev. Crenley, president; Mrs. Frank C. Pugeley, vice-president; John H. Porter, recording secretary; Mrs. H. H. Harrill, Bulletin Editor; Sam E. Perryman, treasurer; Mrs. Ruth Craig, curator and librarian, and Mrs. Myrtle Creason, Herald.  The charter members of the Society were:  Mrs. D. L. Alcorn; Mrs. D. L. Barber; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown; Mrs. W. M. Burns, Mrs. Walter Campbell; Mrs. Craig; Mrs. Creason; Rev. Crenley; Mrs. Glen L. Dark, and Mrs. Clyde M. Duckwall (my Mother).  Others include:  Mrs. Harrill; Harold H. Hartley; Mrs. F. A. Lichtenheld; Mrs. Claude Martin; Mrs. James L. McCann; Mrs. R. J. McCulloch; Vivian McCullough; Tessie Miller; Mrs. Fulton S. Murphy; Hugo Patterson; Mr. Perryman; Mr. Porter; Mrs. J. Murray Prock; Mrs. Frank Pugsley; John Rightmire, and Veride Roope.  Also Mrs. Frank A. Sewell; Mrs. George K. Simpson; Mrs. J. J. Sloan; Lee B. Spencer, and Paul L. Springer.  One honorary member listed on the Charter was Mrs. Hasel Lloyd.
The Coat-of-Arms of the Society is a Gold shield upon which is emblazoned a Red (gules) chevron, and was designed by Mrs. Myrtle Creason.  In the upper right (as one holds the shield) is a pen.  In the upper left, a mailed gauntlet, and in the lower point of the shield, a tree. 
Each symbol charged on a Coat-of-Arms has a distinct meaning.  In preparing the Area for the use of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, this idea has been kept in wing.  The pen is an emblem of the liberal art of writing and of learned employment.  The mailed gauntlet represents the connection of the allied science of heraldry with genealogy.  The tree-of-life or the family tree symbolizes the subjective of the society. 
 “Not for ourselves but for others” is the interpretation of the Motto.  Colors are personal charasteristies granted only upon the merits of the bearer.  They, too, have particular meanings.  Gold denotes Generosity and Elevation of Mind; Black, Constancy; Red, Military fortitude, and is sometime called the martyr’s color.  A chevron is one of the honorable ordinarys of heraldry.  It represents the roof-tree of a house and signifies protection.  It has been granted in arms as a reward to one who has achieved some notable enterprise, and has also been given to one who has built churches and fortresses.  The Coat-of-Arms for the Society was painted and given to the Society by Mrs. Ruth Thayer Ravenscroft, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

September 15, 2023 By: James Ike
Resource Center is Open for Business
After a couple of months and many hours of planning, packing, moving and unpacking the OGS Resource Center is open for business.  I would like to thank everyone that participated in the project for their time and efforts.  Both members and non-members helped during the process.  The cost of the move was covered by donations from our membership.
The new location is a storefront in the Meridian Plaza Shopping Center on the corner of NW 16th Street and North Meridian Avenue in OKC.  The address is 4516 NW 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73127.  Our mailing address is still PO Box 12986, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-2986.
When you come to the Resource Center for research, classes or SIG there are three restaurants in Meridian Plaza to meet your needs and a city park across the street if you need a break.  The Resource Center also has a coffee bar and refrigerator for your use.  The facility is on one level and the bathroom is ADA compliant.   We have tried to have all areas wheel chair accessible.  There are two handicap parking spaces at the front door and a large lighted parking lot out front.
We hope everyone can come and use our new space. Our hours are 9-4 on Mondays (except major holidays) or by appointment.  If you have free time please come by and volunteer to help us with our various projects.  With more volunteers we can expand our hours and offer more to our fellow genealogists.  Being a beginner is not a reason not to volunteer.  Everyone can have something to share.  Those of us that have been at it for a few decades still learn something new from the experiences of others.
Jim Ike
July 8, 2023 By: James Ike
OGS is on the Move
Changes are a part of life.  After almost 8 years we are relocating our OGS Resource Center.  The 1125 NW 50th Street location in OKC has served us well but it does not meet all of our present needs and is costing more than our present budget can handle.  As of 1 August 2023 the OGS Resource Center will be located at 4516 NW 16th Street in OKC.  The new location is in the Meridian Plaza Shopping Center on the corrner of North Meridian and NW 16th.  This new space is a little smaller overall but the layout has two large rooms and a couple of storerooms that will better suite our needs at a more budget friendly level.  This change will allow us to continue the OGS into the future and still serve the genealogical community as we have over the last 68 years.  We will be offering all of the present services (SIGs, classes, research assistance, research materials, project work space, computers, scanners, printers, Internet, etc.) in the new location.
We will be continuing the scheduled classes for July at the 1125 NW 50th Street location but there will not be research available to the public as we pack.  This move will not affect the Seminar/Workshop on 7th-10th August at the Oklahoma History Center.  The move will cause the Computer SIG for Saturday, 12 August to be cancelled as we will be unpacking and organizing at the new location.
During July the Board and some volunteers will prepare for the move by sorting and boxing materials.  Professional movers will be used to move most of the materials and equipment on Tuesday, 1 August.  The cost of this move has been covered by donations.  After the materials and equipment have been relocated to the 16th Street location the Board may be asking for volunteers to relocate the material from their transport boxes into the book shelves and cabinets.  Watch for an announcement on the website or by email asking for volunteers.
Jim Ike
President of OGS