Consider Donating to the Oklahoma Genealogical Society
The Oklahoma Genealogical Society is committed to the mission of bringing together interested persons for discussion and exchange of information, to study research methodology, issuing publications, collecting and preserving data, and assisting members with their genealogical research and writing. With your generous gift of $50, $25, or an amount of your choosing, we can enhance our multiple projects, monthly meetings, and seminars to ensure that we are both meeting our mission and providing members with the quality content you have come to expect from OGS.
Since 1955, OGS has brought together interested persons for discussion and the learning of the field of genealogy. We both assist parties in their genealogical research and preserve materials that is forever available for future generations. In addition, OGS is an all-volunteer run, tax exempt organization that strives to be open and accessible to all interested in researching their family history.  As such, 100% of your support helps us fulfill our mission and to facilitate innovative programming.
Mike Birdsong
Oklahoma Genealogical Society Board of Directors