Next Generation Membership

The Next Generation Membership

The Next Generation Membership has been created for the younger (under 18) generations with the idea of generating an interest in their family history. A young person under the age of 18 may join the Oklahoma Genealogical Society for a ten (10) year membership for $50 ($5 per year).

Our reasoning for the Next Generation Membership is in introducing them to genealogy while young and allowing them to remain members of OGS through their early adult years while continuing their education, serving our country, getting married, establishing a family and/or career. Our hope is that after that busy period they may have developed an interest in their family history and have some time for it. They may even want to renew their membership in OGS or a genealogical society in their current locality. This would make a great gift to the Next Generation from parents or grandparents who are thinking about that someone they may want to pass their family research along to.

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