OGS General Meeting, July 2, 2018

               "American Indian Research & a Brief History of the Choctaw People"
                       Speaker:  Gwen Takes Horse,
                                        Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Genealogist

Summer Sizzler 2018

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An Invitation for Settlers & Builders of Oklahoma

The Settlers and Builders of Oklahoma, under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, was founded to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of the residents that helped build the new State of Oklahoma from statehood, 16 Nov 1907 through 31 Dec 1929. Note: Anyone that resided in the Twin Territories prior to statehood is also eligible for the OGS First Families of the Twin Territories Lifetime Membership. You can nominate anyone you believe should be honored for their contribution(s) to the settling and/or building of Oklahoma.  Get more information here.

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OK2Explore Vital Records

OK2Explore Oklahoma State Vital Records Index
The Oklahoma State Department of Health has recently introduced its new OK2Explore Oklahoma State Vital Records Index.
For genealogists, knowing when someone was born or died can help determine whether or not you have the right person.  The new vital records index includes death records occurring more than 5 years ago and birth records occurring more than 20 years ago. In 2016, the Oklahoma legislature passed legislation that now allows full death records to be public after 50 years and birth records to be public after 125 years. The Oklahoma Genealogical Society thanks Kelly Baker, OSDH Registrar of Vital Records for her leadership of this project which was delivered six months ahead of schedule.

July 2
OGS General Meeting
Gwen Takes Horse, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Genealogist, will present "American Indian Research & A Brief History of the Choctaw People"
July 20
2018 Summer Sizzler
Mark the dates on your calendar.  Check back for more information.
August 6
OGS General Meeting
Andre' Head, President, BGRG, will present "Researching African American Soldiers".
September 10
OGS General Meeting
Dr. Erin Taylor will present "The Great Flu Epidemic of 1918".
October 1
OGS General Meeting
J.A. Pryse, Supervisor, OHS Digital Archives Department, and OHS staff, will present "A Peek at the Treasures Being Digitized at the Oklahoma History Center"