Monday, 6:00pm, October 5, 2020

"Dick T. Morgan, Pioneer Attorney in Oklahoma Territory"

Speaker:     David D. Morgan, Attorney
                         and great grandson of Dick T. Morgan
     (due to COVID-19, this meeting will be via webinar)

The story of Dick T. Morgan, pioneer attorney and six term U.S. congressman, as told by his great grandson, David D. Morgan, Attorrney.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

"Native American Genealogy Research"

Rick Fogarty
Speaker:  Rick Fogarty, Professional Genealogist
Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  (This is an online class via webinar)
Registration Fee:  $20
Rick Fogarty is a professional genealogist and lecturer in Hazlet, New Jersey. He is a third-generation genealogist with deep Oklahoma roots and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. He specializes in Native American tribal, adoption, and DNA/forensic genealogical research. He has attended the Boston University forensic genealogy course, the Forensic Genealogy Institute genetic genealogy course, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, and the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research. He is a life member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. He is an instructor on Native American tribal genealogy for several institutes and lectures frequently on many genealogical topics.

New 65th Anniversary Products

Introducing our new 65th Anniversary products! 
The company, Teespring, has our official logo, and an OGS storefront showcasing 12 products we have selected to have imprinted with our logo.  Each product is shown on their website.  As you click on any product, additional information is available in color choices, sizing, etc.  There is also a choice of gold or black lettering on each product.
The company is located in Kentucky and affords us the opportunity of a much-needed fundraiser without any upfront expenditure.  Each person orders from the interactive website, and the merchandise is shipped directly to them.  The product line is extensive, and we may add or delete products at any time.
The company has a great reputation; the samples we ordered were good quality, with minimal, if any shrinkage, when laundered, and their no-minimum purchase plan fit our current financial state of affairs.
We hope to see YOU soon, wearing some OGS 65th Pride!   

OGS Updates - 24 July 2020

Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Oklahoma Genealogical Society Updates
Our hope is you and your family are staying well in these difficult and challenging times.  We appreciate you as members of the OGS family and are thankful for the donations, extended memberships and emails of encouragement as we struggle to keep OGS alive.  The month of August is our 65th birthday and our plans for a big party have obviously been postponed.  We will use that good old-fashioned genealogy tool of lying about our age so if we are 66 years old, we will celebrate our 65th next year.
The OGS board has been working hard to still provide you with fun and exciting things to do with our wonderful hobby.  Below are some things we are working on.  
August 3, 2020 OGS Monthly Meeting
Our meeting will be online only and will feature one of our all-time speakers and supporters.  Dr. Bob Blackburn from the Oklahoma Historical Society will be presenting to OGS.  As many of you know Dr. Blackburn is set to retire in January of next year.  He wants to say his “so long” to OGS and we will also be making it where you will be able to see Dr. Bob.  He is an icon and in his usual fashion has done so much for OGS behind the scenes.
Online classes
Our Education Committee has been hard at work creating a set of classes on great topics.  If you go online to the OGS web at you will see the listing of classes through the balance of the year.  Please go online and check out these classes.  These are important to OGS because of keeping a small semblance of our pre-COVID revenue stream.
New OGS Products
We have two teams that are working on rolling out new products.  The first team is working on our Sales Products to develop new data sources, competitive prices and up to date delivery system.  We are also working to enhance the Members Only section of our Web.  
Many of our members having pride in being an OGS member have asked me over the years about OGS shirts, bags and other products.  Another exciting development is the addition to these products.  Take pride in being an OGS member and look and purchase some really cool items.  The OGS web site at has a listing of these new and exciting products.

In closing, the OGS board is working hard everyday to sustain our operations while looking for new and innovative ways to serve our membership.  OGS is a non-profit and our income is based primarily on memberships, classes, products, donations and the First Families of the Twin Territories and the Settlers and Builders program.  OGS did not take any federal, state or local bailout funds so we are striving to keep our income up to pay our bills.  For those of you that have already helped us out many thank yous.
Donations no matter how small will end up helping in the months ahead.  Here are ways you can help:
1.    One-time donation: Donations of any size are greatly appreciated.  You can donate online at  Just click on the donation button you see on our landing page or go to the left side of the page and you will find a donate button. You can also mail a check to OGS, PO Box 12986, Oklahoma City, OK, 73157.  We are an all-volunteer organization so 100% of your donation goes toward OGS.
2.    Membership: Consider renewing your membership, extending your membership to a lifetime membership, or get someone else to join.  All membership plans are on our web site at  Left side of page under Join OGS Online.
3.    Amazon Smiles: For members who purchase things through Amazon, you can designate OGS as your charity of choice.  Amazon will donate a % of the sale proceeds to OGS.  This is of no cost to the consumer.  You simply order from Amazon Smiles which is a mirror of your regular Amazon page.  For more information OGS has a button on our main web page at
4.    PayPal: You can use PayPal to donate to your favorite charity.  You can also set up OGS as your charity of choice.  PayPal will donate a % of the sales proceeds to OGS much like Amazon Smiles.
5.    OGS Sales Products: OGS has added six new products which are available for sale.  Please shop our store at and purchase some of the new products.
6.    First Family of the Twin Territories and the Settlers and Builders of Oklahoma:  Apply for FFTT and/or S&B of Oklahoma and join these prestigious programs. For more information on these outstanding programs visit under the Lineage Groups and Project tab on the left side of the page.
If you are not currently an OGS member please consider joining.  To our existing members please know you are appreciated.  If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback you can reach me by email at

Mike Birdsong, President OGS

OGS Resource Center

We are playing it safe. The Oklahoma Genealogical Society’s Resource Center will remain closed for the time being.  We will monitor the COVID-19 conditions on the ground while working to ensure we have the supplies and guidance on how to properly sanitize the Resource Center.  Our responsibility is to be prepared for our guests, volunteers, members, and board members to be safe and have a comfortable experience.
Look for more information as we continue to develop ways for you to enjoy genealogy with webinars and classes.  More to come soon and thank you for your patience and support.  We are truly humbled by the response of our members.
You are welcome to provide any feedback to us by emailing

OGS Recognizes
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OGS Welcomes our new 65th Anniversary Sponsor
ND Foods
ND Foods, now providing "to go" and curb service. 840-9364


First Families of the Twin Territories (FFTT)

Oklahoma and Indian Territories 

A Project of the
Oklahoma Genealogical Society

An Invitation to the Descendants
of the Early Settlers of Oklahoma
(prior to November 16th, 1907)

Are you eligible to become a member?
Read more about it here...

An Invitation for Settlers & Builders of Oklahoma

The Settlers and Builders of Oklahoma, under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, was founded to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of the residents that helped build the new State of Oklahoma from statehood, 16 Nov 1907 through 31 Dec 1929. Note: Anyone that resided in the Twin Territories prior to statehood is also eligible for the OGS First Families of the Twin Territories Lifetime Membership. You can nominate anyone you believe should be honored for their contribution(s) to the settling and/or building of Oklahoma.  Get more information here.

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Get’em Pest Control
Your support is greatly appreciated.

OGS Recognizes
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October 5
OGS General Meeting
David D. Morgan will talk about his great grandfather, Dick T. Morgan, who was a pioneer attorney in Oklahoma Territory and Six Term U.S. Congressman after Statehood.
October 10
Computer SIG
The meetings will not be held at the Resource Center until the Covid-19 virus issues are more in control.  We will be hosting the meetings on Zoom until further notice.  Contact Jim Ike to be ...
October 20
Native American Genealogy & Research
Rick Fogarty will present "Native American Genealogy & Research".
November 2
OGS General Meeting
Sherrie Furber will present "FamilySearch".
November 10
The Mystery of the Elusive Barmaid
Melinda Millsap Howard will present “The Mystery of the Elusive Barmaid”.   This class is a case study about confirming a family lore of an illegitimate great grandfather, visiting his birthplace in Germany, learning about ...