Tuesday, 28 July 2020

"Using Ancestry"

by Pam Kirkland
Tuesday, July 28, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  (This is an online class via webinar)
Registration Fee:   OGS members $20     non-members $25
 “Using Ancestry”, will provide information on what is available through the website, as well as where and how information can be found.  Ancestry can be extremely helpful in Family History Research. By knowing what is available and having the ability to connect with others, your research potential is expanded.  
Ancestry has many basic records difficult for the average person to obtain; such as Census, birth, marriage and death records, many containing images of the actual documents. Their database of records is constantly being updated.  Ancestry allows a person to build one or more family trees with the option of permitting others to view your information, as well as you accessing information from their trees.  Ancestry DNA and what it offers will be touched on.  Take advantage of the special collections offered; and learn more about how to do family history through Ancestry Academy.

Pam Kirkland has been teaching and researching Family History for 40 years.  Born in California but living in Oklahoma for the last 35 years, she graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and has a Certificate in Professional Genealogical Research through BYU; her specialty being United States and Nova Scotia.  Pam has been the Director of the Family History Center in Moore Oklahoma.  She has volunteered her time and talents as an Indexing Director in Oklahoma for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for many years.  Now retired from the Mid-Del School Nutrition program, Pam enjoys gardening, youth camps and helping others solve their own family history mysteries.  She will continue the search for long-lost ancestors now that she is retired and has more time to spend on her love of all things family.

New 65th Anniversary Products

Introducing our new 65th Anniversary products!  These products will be introduced with a 25% discount effective June 15 – July 15.
The company, Teespring, has our official logo, and an OGS storefront showcasing 12 products we have selected to have imprinted with our logo.  Each product is shown on their website.  As you click on any product, additional information is available in color choices, sizing, etc.  There is also a choice of gold or black lettering on each product.
The company is located in Kentucky and affords us the opportunity of a much-needed fundraiser without any upfront expenditure.  Each person orders from the interactive website, and the merchandise is shipped directly to them.  The product line is extensive, and we may add or delete products at any time.
The company has a great reputation; the samples we ordered were good quality, with minimal, if any shrinkage, when laundered, and their no-minimum purchase plan fit our current financial state of affairs.
We hope to see YOU soon, wearing some OGS 65th Pride!   
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OGS Resource Center

We are playing it safe. The Oklahoma Genealogical Society’s Resource Center will remain closed for the time being.  We will monitor the COVID-19 conditions on the ground while working to ensure we have the supplies and guidance on how to properly sanitize the Resource Center.  Our responsibility is to be prepared for our guests, volunteers, members, and board members to be safe and have a comfortable experience.
Look for more information as we continue to develop ways for you to enjoy genealogy with webinars and classes.  More to come soon and thank you for your patience and support.  We are truly humbled by the response of our members.
You are welcome to provide any feedback to us by emailing president@okgensoc.org.

OGS Needs Your Help - Update

Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Oklahoma Genealogical Society Needs Your Help - Update
On behalf of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society (OGS) Board and all our members goes a big thank you for your response to our plea for help.  We have received several generous donations, new memberships, members converting their annual memberships to lifetime memberships, new First Families of the Twin Territories applications and purchases of our new sales products.  We thank you for each gesture and each dollar is important and will be used to sustain and help OGS recover.
For those still deciding we have added another donation route to help OGS.  You can use PayPal to make donations to your favorite charity.
The Oklahoma Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization and we depend on donations, memberships, classes, and seminars to operate.  COVID-19 has been hard on OGS.  The Research Center is temporarily closed, and we have had to cancel classes and other major fundraising events, so we need your support now more than ever.  While our income has dwindled our bills have not changed.
Donations no matter how small will end up helping in the months ahead.  Here are ways you can help:
One-time donation: Donates of any size are greatly appreciated.  You can donate online at okgensoc.org.  Just click on the donation button you see on our landing page or go to the left side of the page and you will find a donate button. You can also mail a check to OGS, PO Box 12986, Oklahoma City, OK, 73157.  We are an all-volunteer organization so 100% of your donation goes toward OGS.
Membership: Consider renewing your membership, extending your membership to a lifetime membership, or get someone else to join.  All membership plans are on our web site at okgensoc.org.  Left side of page under Join OGS Online.
Amazon Smile: For members that purchase things through Amazon, you can designate OGS as your charity of choice.  Amazon will donate a % of the sale proceeds to OGS.  This is of no cost to the consumer.  You simply order from Amazon Smile which is a mirror of your regular Amazon page.  For more information OGS has a button on our main web page at okgensoc.org.
PayPal: You can use PayPal to donate to your favorite charity. You can also set up OGS as your charity of choice. PayPal will donate a % of the sales proceeds to OGS much like Amazon Smile.
OGS Sales Products: OGS has added six new products are available for sale.  Please shop our store at okgensoc.org and purchase some of the new products.
First Families of the Twin Territories and the Settlers and Builders of Oklahoma:  Apply for FFTT and/or S&B of Oklahoma and join these prestigious programs. For more information on these outstanding programs visit okgensoc.org under the Lineage Groups and Project tab on the left side of the page.
The OGS Board of Directors thank you for your generous support and consideration.

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The Settlers and Builders of Oklahoma, under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, was founded to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of the residents that helped build the new State of Oklahoma from statehood, 16 Nov 1907 through 31 Dec 1929. Note: Anyone that resided in the Twin Territories prior to statehood is also eligible for the OGS First Families of the Twin Territories Lifetime Membership. You can nominate anyone you believe should be honored for their contribution(s) to the settling and/or building of Oklahoma.  Get more information here.

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