First Families of the Twin Territories

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A Project of the
Oklahoma Genealogical Society

An Invitation to the Descendants
of the Early Settlers of Oklahoma

First Families of the Twin Territories was founded to recognize, honor and perpetuate the memory of early Pioneer and Indian families who were residents of Oklahoma or Indian Territory on or before the date of statehood.

On the morning of 16 November 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt signed a proclamation declaring statehood for Oklahoma.  A huge crowd at Guthrie received a telegraphed message that the “Twin Territories” had been merged to form the forty-sixth state.  In a mock wedding ceremony, symbols of these two diverse communities — a woman representing the Indian Territory, and a man from Oklahoma Territory — were united in marriage.  A new state had entered the union after years of conflict between the Indian’s love of his homeland and the forces of the westward frontier movement.

If you can prove each generation of your lineage back to an individual who settled in one of Oklahoma’s territories on or before 16 November 1907, you are eligible for membership in First Families of the Twin Territories.

To Join First Families of the Twin Territories

Send a long self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below to receive a membership application form and instructions.

Oklahoma Genealogical Society / FFTT
P.O. Box 12986
Oklahoma City, OK  73157-2986


You may download and/or print both the FFTT Application Instructions and Forms below.
Please read the instructions before attempting to fill in the form.

The application form can be filled by hand or by computer.  If you wish to fill the application using computer, you must first download the form to your own computer before filling.  The FFTT Application Form and Instructions are both in PDF format.  You will need a PDF reader to view them.

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