All About Endowments

What is an Endowment?
An Endowment is like a saving account that only spends the interest. Our endowment fund with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation  grants us 5% of the fund each year. The remainder continues to grow in value. When you give to our endowment, you are giving a gift for the future of OGS and the genealogists and researchers that come behind us.
Why Give to an Endowment?
Endowment funds are invested for long term growth and eventually give back more than is put into them;  In this way your gift will give back forever. We believe in our mission and think you do too! Endowment is a way to ensure there will be support for the OGS mission long into its future.
An Endowment is a great way for you to know that a larger gift will be spent wisely. Your gift will have a lasting impact, eventually surpassing your original gift.
To give a gift that will be worth more tomorrow click here:   Online Giving
Example of how a gift makes an impact
Endowment Impact
You can avoid paying income tax on your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your traditional IRA.
How you ask…by making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to a charitable organization endowment at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. By doing so, you can contribute to charity, avoid taxation on the withdrawal from the IRA and satisfy your RMD requirements.
You can avoid capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets.
By donating a highly appreciated asset you can avoid paying capital gains on that asset.
If you have other questions please email or call 405-637-1907.
Directing Your Gifts for the Benefit of the OGS Fund at the Oklahoma Community Foundation
Physical Checks
Cash contributions may be made in the form of cash, money order or cashier’s check. Checks should list "Oklahoma City Community Foundation" as payee with the memo reading "OGS Endowment Fund".
Your credit card can be used for your gift to the OGS Endowment Fund. Go to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation or simply click the button below. Make sure you find the page for Oklahoma Genealogical Society. All gifts made with a credit card are subject to a 3.% fee to offset the credit card banking fees. Your entire gift including the fee is tax deductible.
Online Giving
We thank you for your consideration and gift to ensure future genealogists and researchers looking for you and your family can find you later in future years.